What Is A Good High Protein Dog Food You Could Buy For Your Dog To Stay Strong And Healthy?

By Daniel Turbin

Most dogs need high protein dog food for healthful growth and optimal development, because protein contributes hugely to a dog's total structural makeup and strengthening its immune system. They may be additionally turned into fat and stored and burned as calories. Particularly, a dog will be needing 22 amino acids, and out of these 22 amino acids, dogs can produce up to 12 and the remaining amino acids needs to be ingested. The vital amino acids that dogs require are as follows: leucine, lysine, methlonine, phenylalanine, threonine, your dog also needs tryptophan, valine, arginine, isoleucine, and histidine. In case a dog doesn't ingest a sufficient amount of any of the afore-mentioned protein types, then some health issues may ensue.

Among the several high protein dog food brands which are currently available, it's highly likely that you'll be able to obtain the exact sort of dog food that your pet needs, although certain breeds (particularly those that bred for performance or sport) will have higher protein requirements than even more sedentary and domestic breeds.

For dog owners who are looking for Country Prime high protein dog food, Innova features a wonderful high-protein combination containing beef and lamb and a very low amount of grain for excellent protein consumption, whilst Nutro dog food comes in a number of various types and flavors, including Large Breed Young Adult Chicken with Whole Brown Rice and also Oatmeal Formula or even Limited Ingredient Diet Bigger Breed Adult Lamb & Rice Formula in Chunks with Gravy, which contain all of the important vitamins, minerals, and protein ingredients that are really essential for a dog's health! Nutro also claims that their branded formulas are specifically developed for skin and coat development on dogs.

Diamond dog food also features various formulas that is tailored to dogs of all shapes and sizes. For example, for pet owners who have highly active and athletic pets, Diamond has various high protein dry dog food packages varies from Performance Formula For Dogs (which contains chondroitin and glucosamine for healthy joint development), Diamond Hi-Energy (whose specific formula is optimized for raising a dog's metabolic rate), Premium Adult Formula for Dogs (on which places more emphasis on healthy tissue development and promoting stamina), or Extreme Athlete (which includes even higher levels of protein and fat for excellent performance for dogs who require the extra energy). All of the above mentioned products could also be considered as best high protein dog food for pit bulls.

For concerned pet owners who wonder on high protein dog food problems, here is some list of facts that can help clarify most of your pressing uncertainties and concerns:

-There has been a rumor stating that when dogs eat too much high protein dog food, they'll develop kidney problem, which is not true. This myth will probably have originated whenever patients with kidney disease or similar conditions were assigned to diet programs that were low in both protein and nitrogen. Nowadays, such patients afflicted with same ailments are placed on diets with more highly concentrated and digestible protein-based ingredients, which consequently result in fewer nitrogen by-products, as pets with damaged kidneys can't process excessive amounts of nitrogen as efficiently as dogs with strong kidneys can.

-As for speculation as to whether meat meals is ideal for dogs, it actually depends on the quality of the product in question. As far as the meat meal is pure and not adulterated by by-products, bone, blood, hair, hide trimmings, stomach or even rumen contents, or manure, then dogs can safely eat it. It also cannot include any foreign ingredients that would typically be considered inedible.

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